Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday Domestic Stuffs

So here we are on Tuesday, and I haven't been posting my usual domestic stuff.  I have excuses.  Last week was rough on me; I did something probably stupid to my lower back, and it took three days for whatever it was to pop back into place.  That's why I spent so much time goofing around at VP and not posting here, by the way.

Then, over the last few days, we've been having thunderstorms.  (No, fortunately, purely natural in origin.)  Whenever there's a disturbance in the atmosphere, we lose Internet because satellite up here is crummy.  We'd switch to a different method, but the others are all worse.  The burdens of living in the boonies.  *sigh*

On a more positive note, I have lettuce.  Unfortunately, they've grown tall rather than wide.  I think it's time and past I started harvesting them in earnest; then I can put in something else in their place, like maybe some more peppers of different kinds.  What I really need to do is get ready to plant my fall crop of snow peas and other tasty things--though that'll have to be outdoors; they like colder temperatures.

I look back over my posts from the past year, and I see we're coming up on berry season again.  I'm really looking forward to fresh berries.  While we don't live where we did last year, there are quite a lot of raspberry vines and blackberry canes around here, too.  I put in an order with the same farm that sells organic blueberries--obviously, under a new identity, and I hope they won't recognize me because that would be awkward--so there'll almost surely be a day in the near future where I'll be doing nothing but sorting, packing, and freezing blueberries (and taking care of Squish, of course).

...Looking back, I see a lot of ambitions I never followed up on.  While I recognize that it's good practice to dream big so you'll always have something to work on, I feel kind of lame for not following through.

And I've been working on this stupid knitted blanket for a year and a half now.  I get a pass because I'd misplaced the book that had the pattern I needed for a lot of months there,'s still embarrassing.  How am I ever going to supply my whole (expected to be huge) family with socks and sweaters and things if I can't do better than twenty rows of twenty simple stitches a day?  And that doesn't even count the time I'll need to spend sewing, embroidering, and mending...

I'll get it done.  I just need to panic for a bit so I can get that out of the way.  The next phase is where I break it out into manageable tasks, but I'm not quite ready for that part yet.  I have to flare off the emotional excess first.  I'll be fine in a minute.


How I served His Lordship today:

Fell awake at 3:30 and decided to just roll with it
Made coffee
Washed my hair before anyone else got up
Fenris Walkies
Squish care (all day)
Greenhouse maintenance part one: Opened it up, harvested lettuce, vinedressing
Picked up some garbage outdoors and canned it (raccoons are brats!)
Peeled, rinsed, and soaked lettuce
Unloaded and reloaded dishwasher (we used a lot of dishes last night)
Chopped lettuce and mixed with romaine for salads
Loaded crockpot for pinto beans
Worked on updating cookbook
Made breakfast and washed dishes
Baked bread
Cleaned master bathroom:  Shower, toilet, and sink
Cleaned baby's bathroom:  Tub, toilet, and sink
Made lunch and washed dishes
Ground pork and made Italian sausage
Washed grinder and dishes from that
Cleaned stovetop thoroughly--disassembled, cleaned the surface and grate, checked the burners
Ground beef
Packed beef for freezer
Made supper:  Soft tacos, refried beans, Mexican rice
Greenhouse maintenance part two:  Watered, weeded, closed it up

Laundry:  Light-colored cold-wash clothing, baby towels, bath towels, burp cloths, grubby towels


  1. Hey, Sigyn, I have a baby-related question for you. Do you have Squish on a schedule or do you just go with the flow? I'm trying to get our girl on a schedule, and am finding it fraught with challenges. If you're a schedule kinda gal, I could use some advice on how to make it work.

    1. I'm not really on top of that. Part of why I go to bed late and get up early is because she sometimes sleeps too much during the day and doesn't do a full night's sleep. The downside of getting so much work done is that I sometimes don't realize she's napped for too long this stretch.

      I should do better, of course.

      Anyway, I defer to other ladies with more experience and better parenting skills. *grimace*

    2. Seems to be a trade-off. Our girl sleeps 10-11 hours solid at night, but hardly naps during the day.

    3. She sleeps ALL NIGHT? You lucky girl. Both of mine were night owls which meant they had very sleepy Mama and Daddy. They stayed that way - both still night owls. Maybe it's an inherent facet of who they are. And really, you can't force a person to be sleepy (even if that person is an infant), so sometimes you just need to go with the flow (there were a couple times we would try to keep baby up during the day so she would sleep at night and all we ended up with was an extremely angry, fussy, cranky, screaming; crying baby; and then still wouldn't sleep at night all that well - just more cranky the next day LOL)

    4. Yes, lucky for us, she sleeps all night. I know what you mean about not forcing it, except in our case we wish our girl would sleep a bit later in the morning. We're night owls, but our girl wakes up at 6:30 am no matter what time we put her to bed, so we just put her to bed early so she gets all the sleep she needs.

  2. And that doesn't even count the time I'll need to spend sewing, embroidering, and mending...

    This may be a foolish question, and please excuse me if it is, but...have you considered a sewing machine? Most of them will do basic embroidery, even if it does require electricity. I'm sure that if that will be a concern, you can find a treadle machine that could be refurbished and brought into service, at least for the long seams.

    As for knits and crochets... more power to you on the domestic arts (especially if you don't have a natural inclination toward those particular ones) but fur-linings might be faster - and just as warm.