Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday: End of the Line!

Today is going to be a short day, because this afternoon we're going to a barbecue.  It's a Bring Your Own Meat affair, so I'm providing baby-back ribs and homemade BBQ sauce for us.

The thing about inventing your own recipes is that you have to be bold and daring!  You have to step out of your comfort zone and take risks.  Different ingredients sound like they might not go well together--sour cream and ketchup for stroganoff?--and they may smell like the devil's outhouse while they're cooking, but then they come out tasting like the dessert course at the Wedding Feast.

Seriously, Ratatouille had that right.  Cooking is no job for cowards!  Like anything else in life, you'll never know if you don't grow.  That's a huge part of why (some) men* do so much of the innovating compared to (most) women: They overcome their risk aversion.

It's something I still struggle with, occasionally.  I find something I want to do, and then I catch myself hesitating on the brink of trying it.  I have to remind myself that I'll never be able to do it if I don't, well, do it.

Speaking of growing, the Squish is now mobile. She doesn't get far, and she still executes the most spectacular faceplants sometimes, but she has crawling figured out.

How I served His Lordship today:

Made coffee
Fenris Walkies
Greenhouse maintenance part one:  Opened it up, watered and weeded, gathered lettuce
Squish care (all day)
Made breakfast
Made barbecue sauce
Washed up all those dishes
Bathed Squish
Got out Fenris shampoo and tick repellant
Chased Fenris
Wrestled Fenris
Bathed Fenris and applied tick repellant
Tried in vain to prevent Fenris from jumping in mud puddle
Stupid dog
Beauty treatments** and shower
Made lunch
Pre-cooked ribs

Laundry:  Dark-colored clothes

And now it's off to the party.  Have a great Friday!

* Let's not mess with the apex fallacy today.  More men may innovate than women do, and most innovations may be male in origin, but most men do not innovate, either.  I'll deal with that subject some other day when I'm not so busy.  It has room for expansion, anyway.

** I did a lot of painful things to myself, but I feel like I look better.  I also painted my toenails red.  Why do men like red toenails so much?

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  1. Why do men like red toenails so much

    Because bloody-footed women are sexy! No... wait...

    It's like in advertising - splashes of bright color draw the eye, making the audience's gaze circulate over the entirety of the ad image. Red toenails would draw a man's eyes to a woman's feet, so admiring a woman's pedicure gives a man an excuse to look at her legs.