Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Settling In, Day Six

This weekend was pretty successful, although I discovered I'd mismeasured the cabinets in my kitchen.  This means that I'm going to have to exchange some of my organizers for narrower sizes. *sigh*  Live and learn!  I just feel rotten that this means another hour-long drive to "town" and back.

Squish enjoys it, though.  She looks all around at everything (if she's awake) and people admire her and coo at her.  They also tell His Lordship that she looks "just like him".  I like that.  I like her to look like him.  Is that weird?  (If she ends up looking like him, she'll be tall and naturally slender and aristocratic-looking.  We will have zero trouble finding boys to court her; it's just making sure those boys are quality.)

And then there was a Super Bowl party, to which we were invited because we were "new".  Neither of us paid much attention to the game; I was hanging out with the ladies and showing off Squish and getting advice, some good and some not profitable, and His Lordship was being all charismatic and stuff with the men.  The Seahawks won, and congrats to 'em, that's about all I know.

Now that it's coming up on six weeks post-baby, I'm looking forward to not having all these restrictions.  What I do want to do is some crunches.  I feel saggy and out of shape.  Two days...

How I served His Lordship and the Little Squish on Monday:

Made breakfast and washed dishes
Changed, nursed, and snuggled Squish a lot
Fenris Walkies as needed
Unpacked two boxes
Scrubbed spare bathroom floor by hand
Ran laundry: grubby towels, baby towels
Rolled out a 6x8' rug onto the floor of a spare bedroom (heavy work; I had to move some furniture)
Took a break because that wasn't easy
Made lunch and washed dishes
Wiped down inside of oven
Cleaned microwave*
Cleaned stovetop
Cleaned toaster oven
Ran dishwasher because how did we use this many dishes?  Ugh.
Made out grocery-shopping list
Sorted some clothes to donate to charity
Cleaned interior of fridge because it needed it
Got ready for grocery shopping!

* I should note that all of these, this week, are getting a full "focus" clean.  That way, when I've done all that, I can resume my previous cycle of one "focus" per assigned day per week without worrying that I've missed anything.


  1. So how is Fenris adapting to his new home? Dogs can be so sensitive to new surroundings. I have a Lab who can't stand anything out of the ordinary to happen (as in when we moved furniture to accommodate the Christmas Tree I had to give her Xanax for two days because she had become out of her little doggy mind with anxiety - repeat for two days when we took tree down and LR went back to normal). Of course, maybe Fenris isn't neurotic :-)

    1. Oh, we're fortunate. Fenris is a very laid-back doggy. He does try to eat strangers and visitors, though.

  2. A post pregnancy girdle is Mommy's best friend.

    Sigh, get all the newborn smell you can it doesn't last long.