Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Settling In, Day Seven

It's less unpacking than organizing at this point.  I'm very proud of how fast I've gotten the boxes emptied, although there are still some around.  The big one I have to contend with is my Big Box of Crafting Projects, which I've been accumulating for some time.  Mostly it's stuff I think would be cool to use up in this project or that one and can't bring myself to throw away...

I'm a packrat.  I can't help myself.

Today I'm feeling just a bit drained, as I did a lot of work yesterday.  So I'm going easy on myself, especially since all day tomorrow belongs to His Lordship, and I'll need to not be tired and touchy.

How I served His Lordship and the Little Squish on Tuesday:

Made breakfast and washed dishes
Changed, fed, and snuggled Squish often as I could
Fenris Walkies as needed
Bathed Squish (fun!)
Ran laundry: baby towels, bath towels
Made lunch and washed dishes
Cleaned both bathrooms: toilet, tub, and sink
Yes, both of them
I'm padding the lines on this thing, but you really need to understand that I did more work than it looks like if I don't
Okay, that's good enough
Cut up a chicken for supper (and advance prep)
Took out trash
Scrubbed master bathroom floor by hand
Made supper and washed dishes

And that's it until Thursday.  I'm sure I'll do something on Wednesday, but mostly I'm at his disposal.  Cheers!


  1. Sigyn,

    I am afraid I owe at least you an apology. Some weeks ago, I posted something slightly risque regarding you over at VP and I have been struggling with it ever since. Not the posting. Although it could be offensive if not intended that way. But my response to criticism. I found myself responding in an entirely kneejerk and angry fashion totally out of sorts with my own hoped for polite and Christian soul. I have been servign my own penence by not commenting no matter what he subject at VP. In doing so I realized I have slighted you by not giving you the chance to request an apology.

    Please consider this an apology. If necessary I will apologize to you and the 'lordship' formally and in public. I quit posting at VP as I found myself angry and not entirely in control. Two things I promised myself would never happen again. I realized in attempting to cut myself off from my own bad (and crude) behavior that I had not given you the chance to respond to my offer of an apology.

    If the comment was offensive or hurtful I do apologize. Sorry, I will not go so far as to bow to your lord and master. No offense but I am Christian of Norwegian extraction. The stories I've heard of Loki are not exactly in line with those he presents in his 'fanfic'.


    1. ((Oh dear...I admit I overreacted as well. I can't speak for LoA, but I know I did some. Apology excessive, apology accepted; apology offered in return.

      ((Don, I don't believe in penance, and for gosh sakes, you don't have to cut yourself off from VP over something like that. You roll with the punches and realize that people play rough and often play their own games. Things are said to be obnoxious, but not in serious venom for the most part.

      ((Also, LoA, "His Lordship", is not playing by standard Norse mythology. He's borrowing the "Loki" from the Marvel "Avengers" films and going from there. It's complicated at this point. Think of this whole business as fanfiction being played out in live action. His demands for kneeling and whatnot are just his character, not the man playing the character.))

  2. Good to know. I responded more to my own venom than anything else. I wasn't sure of the source so I kind of pulled back until I could figure it out. Thanks for your understanding. Say 'hi' to the Squish and LoA for me. Babies are pretty cool at that age unless they are collicy or croupy (my oldest girl) then they are less fun.

  3. I just have to say that I think it is hilarious that you think you need to pad the lines. Often, including in this post, one of your lines would take me hours and leave me exhausted. And you even find time to blog. You are amazing.