Friday, February 7, 2014

Settling In, Day Eight

Yesterday was a treat.  His Lordship was at home all day, and it snowed.  We stayed in, watched the snow, drank hot drinks, and never you mind what else.  So much has happened in the last six weeks that we needed to take time and reconnect.

It's funny, how physical contact is so important, and it varies so much.  If you don't touch other people, you never seem to really get close to them, and you can drift apart more easily.  It's especially true for married couples; I was starting to feel a bit distanced from him, but now, after yesterday, it's like I'd forgotten how much I love him and just re-learned it.

Now I'm rarin' to go.


How I served His Lordship and the Little Squish on Thursday:

Made breakfast and washed dishes
Changed, fed, and snuggled Squish a lot!
Fenris Walkies as needed
Laundry:  light-colored clothing (three loads)
Rinsed out bathtub from bath Wednesday night (note to self: run sage infusion through coffee filter instead of just wire-mesh strainer)
Prep work for supper (stir-fry!)
Made lunch and washed dishes
Vacuumed all floors, hard and carpeted
Tried to place an order through a website for some things I've been needing
Out of stock in everything I want, during a brand-new sale?  How convenient
Forget that; I'll go shopping this weekend
Made supper and washed dishes


  1. I take it, then, that His Lordship is in a much better mood today?

    1. I feel quite well, thank you. And you?

    2. Well enough in the circumstances your Lordship. And glad to hear that you are doing well.

      For the sake of your consort's sensibility I shall refrain from a longer response, lest I slip in a double entendre or some other sort of innuendo. I'm sure you have enough to unload without that kind of distraction.