Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Movies and Housework

It was an eventful weekend.  His Lordship apparently felt as domestic as I do, because without my asking, he did a bunch of improvement work and heavy lifting that I really could have done, but he said was "men's work" and sent me to "go fold napkins or paint your toenails or summat".

It's satisfying.  I'm not sure why, but I think it has to do with seeing that he's "bought in" to this life, at least for now.

And...sometimes, when I'm elbow-deep in whatever work I'm doing and Squish starts fussing, he'll go and take care of her (if it's only a matter of cuddling, of course).  I wonder if he knows I can hear him.  He croons at her and calls her affectionate little names, and he gives her kissies.

Just thinking about it, I've gone soggy inside.  But there's no reason you shouldn't be, either, so you can listen to something related:

Now you're all soggy inside, too.  Ha ha.

By the way, the song is from The Court Jester, a movie worth watching if you can get your hands on it.  It's a really fun, goofball comedy that actually makes fun of a fair number of the tropes and conventions of movies like Robin Hood and the other medieval-era swashbucklers of the time.  And it has Basil Rathbone, and proof that Angela Lansbury was once young!  (And, interestingly, a hero who does not have to be Mr. Macho Alpha to be unmistakably a man.  Danny Kaye was good at portraying those.)

Oh, speaking of movies, another one worth watching is Sylvester Stallone's Escape Plan.  It has action, but it is very intelligent, and if that wasn't enough, it has Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Caviezel (as a complete psycho), and Faran Tahir (who yet again proves that he can outact everyone while still being a total badass).

How I served His Lordship and the Little Squish on Monday:

Made breakfast and washed dishes
Changed, fed, and snuggled Squish often!
Fenris Walkies as needed
Laundry: new pillowcases, kitchen linens, baby's burp cloths
Set up organizer for bathroom countertop
Emptied expired leftovers and washed those dishes
Cleaned sinks with a good bleaching
Cleaned stovetop
Cleaned outside of dishwasher and checked rinse agent
Paid some bills
Cleaned microwave
Cleaned toaster oven
Made lunch and washed dishes
Sorted some backlogged documents for filing
Advance prep for supper
More filing...
Connected printer to network
Re-installed printer on laptop because Windows 8 is moronic
Made supper and washed dishes
Created new files as needed


  1. Aw, I love that movie. Lots of fun, especially the "chalice from the palace" business.

  2. I finally saw Prison Break last week - so much fun. Also - may I recommend RED and it's sequel (RED2?) - both were a hoot! Hope you are feeling better. :-)

  3. So, I finally saw Prison Break last week and loved it. Also - may I recommend RED & it's sequel (RED2?) and The Expendables - loved them all. Hope you are feeling better. :-)