Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lard and Other Things

I have twenty pounds of pork fat in my fridge.  The guy I got it from is accustomed to treating it like scrap--he raises pigs organically, butchers them, and sells the pork on shares to locals--so he was surprised.  He sold it to me for twenty-five cents a pound.

It looks pretty good--back fat, doesn't look like there's any gut fat, but at the same time I don't see any leaf fat so we'll see--so over the next few days I'm going to be processing lard.  Two awesome things about lard are that it can be safely stored at room temperature for up to six months, so it won't be taking up so much fridge space, and that its cracklings are fully edible like pork rinds.

If it works well, I might have a business prospect here.  That is, if His Lordship doesn't think it'd be demeaning...

Is it weird that I'm excited about new skills and opportunities?  I've been told I shouldn't be, but you know, I have this habit of not doing what other people want me to do.  I also like to make other people's lives more difficult.  See, if I don't automatically conform to assumptions, it blows the assumptions straight to hell, and then they have to either come up with a new set of assumptions or openly go full retard.

I've noticed that the "full retard" option is very popular these days, by the way.  If it all comes a-tumblin' down, we're probably going to need forty years in the "wilderness", churn through this generation, and then cross the Jordan into the next civilization with a new batch.  I suspect Gen X isn't quite broken of Egyptian thinking enough.

Anyway, lighter note.  Here's some Vivaldi--"Winter", from Four Seasons, in honor of Winter Storm Pax.

How I served His Lordship and the Little Squish on Wednesday:

Made breakfast and washed dishes
Changed, fed, and snuggled the Squish!
Fenris Walkies as needed
Laundry: leftover bath towel I found buried in laundry hamper, new bedsheets, old bedsheets, blankets, baby towels
Bathed Squish
Made lunch and washed dishes
Advance prep for supper
Dusted whole house
Changed sheets on master bed and crib
Plenty of filing still to do...
Made supper and washed dishes


  1. I've never tried making lard. Let us know how it goes!

  2. No one can steal your skills. That's why I like them.

    Nothing like a Daddy holding his baby :)


    I wish I had access to organic pig fat. Wild Hawaiian pigs don't have much...certainly not enough to render enough lard to be worth the effort.